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Why Us?

Despite the vastness of our jewellery collection no single stone slips our attention. Every single one is 100% natural and you won't find synthetic or treated stones anywhere in our store. In the interest of consistency we produce jewellery using only solid and white gold. The use of solid metals ensures an exceptional level of quality perpetuated by all our jewellery. On top of this we also refrain from plating any of our items.

Following a strict ethical policy, Gold Boutique will never buy, sell or distribute conflict diamonds. 'Conflict diamonds' is a term that relates to diamonds sourced in areas controlled by insurgencies or authorities that use the profits rendered to fund illegal activities. Through our policy we challenge this vacuous market and back the continuous effort to remove conflict diamonds from the supply chains. You can be assured that only legitimately sourced gemstones will be used in our jewellery.

At Gold Boutique we strive to bring you the best price available on the web. We're also constantly reviewing our prices to ensure that we continue to do so. Prices may fluctuate, however, owing to the ever-changing value of gold. Nevertheless we won't ever exceed this increase, nor will we baulk at the deals other jewellers' offer, so if you find a particular piece of jewellery for a better price let us know.

To ensure an expedient delivery we offer a free express service with all our orders. This includes the promise that your jewellery will be dispatched without delay, as well as a tracking system that ensures your peace of mind. Upon dispatch tracking information is provided via email, along with instructions on how you can check the progress of your shipment right up to the moment of that exciting knock on your door.

For all orders within the UK we use DHL Express and FedEx Express for the rest of the world.

An official Gold Boutique Appraisal will be sent for every item purchased from our store. The purpose of the appraisal is to give you an independent evaluation based on the retail price of each Gold Boutique item. The value is determined using rigorous evaluation of each characteristic of the appraised jewellery. Subsequently the appraisal is broken down to delineate such details as the cut, clarity, colour and weight of each gemstone. Should your jewellery become lost, stolen or damaged, your insurance company will replace the item with one of equal value, provided they've received the appraisal certificate.

Each item of jewellery in our store is produced to British and European standards. We also work closely with the Edinburgh Assay Office, a facility which has been testing and hallmarking jewellery to ensure quality and consistency since 1457. The Gold Hallmark can be seen alongside the GB Sponsor Mark as evidence that that our jewellery is genuine and tested to strict standards. You will also see that the Metal & Purity mark is displayed as an indication of the gold's purity.

The entire Gold Boutique range is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is offered to all customers in order to ensure that the quality and condition of our jewellery never disappoints. In the event of any manufacturing issues we'll always offer the options of either free repair or replacement. In addition, a full money back guarantee is available on the majority of our jewellery within 30-days of the receipt of your purchase.

For more information please see our Terms of Use.